How many people can fit in an igloo?

Our Medium igloos comfortably seat 4-5 in the ‘Dining Experience’. Our Large igloos seat 6-10. Our ‘Cinema and Sound Experiences’ seat 4-6 people.

Do the igloos come heated?

Yes. All our igloos are heated.

What furniture do you use?

All of our igloo experiences use high quality products be it, velvet cinema style recliners to velvet studded dining chairs or memory foam beds for sleeping!

How do we watch movies?

All of our ‘Cinema Experiences’ (including ‘Sleep’) come with a 4k Fire Stick which connects directly to the Projector to them stream 4k Movie content directly from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ etc. You’ll just login with your own account and you’re ready to go!

Do you need a strong WIFI signal?

A good WIFI signal is a must. Our projector and WIFI extender do a great job in maximising your signal but a good signal certainly helps! We’ve not run into something our installers cant work with! We have even used Hotspot data networks from mobile devices.

Can you sleep in the igloos?

Absolutely. Checkout our ‘Sleep Experience’ here!

What size igloos do you have?

We currently have two different options available. Medium (2.5m diameter) and Large (3.2m diameter).

What size screens do you use?

Our medium igloos come with an 80inch screen, our large we can increase this to 100inches!

Can you use your Nintendo/ PlayStation in an igloo?

Our UHD 4k projector lamp free projector uses LED technology which makes it nigh on perfect for gaming! As long as you have the correct HDMI cable that’s compatible with your console then it’s just a matter of connecting, switching the input device and you’re done!

Are the igloos waterproof?

All of our igloos have been thoroughly tested not only by the manufacturer but personally by us, time and time again! Wind and rain tested to 40mph gales coming straight off the Estuary in our hometown of Leigh-on-Sea. Sleet and snow? Not a problem, the only thing that’s may get cold are our hands when installing!


How far do you deliver?

We’ll deliver up to around an hour from SS9. Perhaps a little over. This is all included in the package. After this our booking process takes over and will calculate a delivery charge.

How long do you get the igloo for?

That’s entirely up to you! Our Packages start from 24 hours (overnight) but no reason why you couldn’t go from two days to 2 weeks!

How much for an extra night?

1 extra night is £50, after that its £25 per night.

Can we hire equipment on its own?

Sure, why not? If there’s something you’ve seen that you like the look of or if you want to combine a few different things, then just ask! Chat below and we’re on it.

How do you clean your igloos?

All of our igloos and all items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. Including all high touch items. Before we leave our installers sanitise again to make sure we’re 100% happy.

Do you require a security deposit?

No. We trust you as you trust us to deliver a super experience. All we ask is that you respectfully enjoy the experience and treat it as your own.

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